Bicycle rides on Lolland and Falster

Vålse Cove under a dramatic sky

Vålse Cove under a dramatic sky


Go for a bicycle ride on Lolland and Falster. The Tourist Information can give you ideas for bicycle rides and supply you with maps for many different routes.


The Marguerite Route


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Bicycle ride Berlin - Copenhagen


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Panorama bicycle rides on Falster:


Coast to Coast 39 km/31 km
The Coast to Coast route gives you the best views across Falster's two coastlines.

Marielyst - Play and Learning 18 km / 24 km
Marielyst - Play and Learning is about having lots of fun.

The Woodland Ride 24 km / 11.5 km
This ride takes you deep into the woods and far back in time.

The Strait Route 44 km
If a contest existed for the most beautiful bicycle rides in Denmark, the Strait Route would be among the finalists.

Day trips on bicycle on Lolland-Falster:


The Mountain Route
In truth, the Nysted area does not really have any mountains, but the minor hills can bring a sweat to any cyclist's brow, if that is what they want.

Denmark's Largest Tree and Corselitze 31 km
A ride across Falster, past Denmark's largest living oak, which is only known by a select few.

The Lolland Alps 9 km
A cosy tour of the Lolland Alps with stops at historical sites.

Landscape ride to the Reventlow Park 35 km
A beautiful bicycle ride through slightly hilly farmland with large farms, estates and woodland.

Marie Grubbe
Only a few people know this corner of Falster by the Grønsund strait, where Marie Grubbe used to work as a ferrywoman.

Nakskov Fjord
Nakskov Fjord is said to be the fjord in Denmark that has the most islands.

Around three Sleeping Beauty Castles 30 km
Oreby Castle and Berritsgård manor near Sakskøbing appear like fairytale castles with their slender towers and sweeping gables, and Krenkerup Castle is the most impressive on Lolland.

Stubbekøbing - Hesnæs
Hesnæs is a small fishing hamlet on the east coast of Falster. Most of the houses feature reed thatch on both roofs and walls.

The Søndersø Lake Route 20 km
The Maribo Lakes are located in a slightly hilly dead-ice landscape. With its 852 hectares, Søndersø Lake is Denmark's 8th largest lake.

East of Paradise
The route east of Nysted runs along the coast of the Baltic Sea, through lush Danish woodland and across open fields in a beautiful Lolland landscape.

Lolland-Falster Bicycle Map - 31 km in all
A ride across Falster past Denmark's largest living oak, which is known by very few people, to the beautiful east coast with another little secret, the General's Pavilion.