The Exhibition LOLA

Rekonstruktionstegning af Lola


Lola lived around 3700 BC. She is the only person we know of on Lolland whose life dates to the changeover from the Mesolithic to the Neolithic period. We can only imagine what her life was like. But we have a snapshot chewed into a piece of pitch.


It is not unusual to find lumps of pitch in Stone Age settlements. But this lump is unusual because a complete human DNA sequence could be extracted from it. This has never been done before! Previously, DNA could only be extracted from bones and teeth.

Although Lola lived during the Neolithic period, her DNA did not contain traces of the new farmers who had immigrated from the south bringing farming and livestock.

She was related to the older hunter-gatherers who had inhabited Denmark and Western Europe since the Ice Age.

Was she a hunter or a farmer? Perhaps both?


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