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Entrance Pederstrup


The Reventlow Museum Pederstrup
Pederstrupvej 124
4943 Torrig L


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The Reventlow Museum Pederstrup has been set up in the listed main building at the Pederstrup manor. Visitors have access to rooms and halls on the ground floor and to the kitchen in the basement. Access is via the main staircase.


Wheelchair users have the option of gaining access to the basement via the old kitchen door by prior agreement with the museum. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the access conditions and the staircase to the ground floor to enable wheelchair users and people with severe walking impairment to gain access to this part of the museum.


The exhibition MANOR & LANDSCAPE LOLLAND in the stud stable is laid out with consideration for visitors with reduced mobility. Toilets for people with disabilities are available by the exhibition area.


Authorised guide dogs are permitted at the museum.


Parking and drop-off

Two parking spaces for cars for people with disabilities (disability sign must be displayed) have been marked out in the car park by the stud stable, from which there is easy access to the exhibition MANOR & LANDSCAPE LOLLAND. From the car park, it is a 100 m walk to the museum via garden paths paved with small pebbles and/or gravel.