Research at the Fuglsang Kunstmuseum

The research obligation is one of the five bearing pillars of the Danish Museums Act, and for several years the Fuglsang Kunstmuseum has placed great emphasis on this dimension of the work with the collections, hangings, special exhibitions, and the museum's identity. A focused research effort in relation to the museum's exhibition strategy ensures a close connection between the collections and our identity, which means the special exhibitions too contribute actively to new knowledge about the museum and its collections.


This also means that the museum's research strategy is an asset for the museum's collections, since they are regularly enhanced by new knowledge and new perspectives. Not only does the museum's research effort alternate between a focus on the collections and special exhibitions; the museums research perspective is also a dynamic feature in its own right: for example there is an alternation between "classic" art history research where the work of a single artist is in focus, and cross-disciplinary research, where the research object is elucidated through a variety of expert approaches, and a relational research concept is in focus.


The museum conducts its own research projects, but it also cooperates to a great extent with other art museums, including the Ribe Art Museum, with which the Fuglsang Kunstmuseum has entered into a strategic partnership for the period 2011-2014; but universities, publishers and other institutions are also research partners of the museum.