Allan Otte, Accumulation, 2010, acrylic on board. Photo: Anders Sune Berg


Landscape paintings by Allan Otte

April 21 - September 12, 2021


Allan Otte (born 1978) is one of the most remarkable painters on the Danish art scene.

In his work Otte confronts 19th-century national romantic landscape painting. The kind of painting cultivated by the Danish Golden Age painters, in which they celebrated what they understood as being typically Danish. These often sunny, idyllic depictions are a far cry from Allan Otte’s sober rural landscapes, where dead pigs, stable buildings made of grey concrete and feeding robots are some of the figures inhabiting the pictures.

In Otte’s art nature is a means of production. Having grown up on a farm himself, he wants to shows us nature as we actually treat it and use it, and he does so with his usual cool and observant gaze. For those Danes who do not belong to the two percent employed in the agricultural sector, the works may seem both crude and provocative.

The exhibition displays about 50 of Allan Otte’s works from 2006 until 2020 and is the largest presentation of his work to date. It is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalogue as well as learning activities for children and grown-ups.

The exhibition has been created in collaboration with HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Kunstmuseum Brandts and Allan Otte.