Art on paper

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The Fuglsang Art Museum owns an extensive collection of art on paper. From the tentative begin¬nings at the end of the nineteenth century, art on paper was acquired on a small scale, but its volume grew substantially in the couple of decades from the beginning of the 1960s. Today it comprises c. 2000 individual paper works - prints, drawings and water-colours as well as many print portfolios and books with original prints.

In both chronology and subjects the paper works correspond to the museum's other paintings and sculptures, which they both supplement and provide context for. The works range from the latter part of the eighteenth century to the 1980s and for example present landscapes and genre pictures, portraits and cityscapes, still lifes and abstract subjects. The majority are from the twentieth century and include rare water-colours, innovative woodcuts, poetic sculptural draw-ings, colourful sketchbooks and not least a long succession of etchings and dry-point works from the middle of the century on. Many of the artists behind the last of these, several them women, have their artistic background in the important School of Graphics at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen or from the later alternative and experimental Copen¬hagen art school, "Eks-skolen".

Both well known and lesser known artists can be found in the collection, and they include both artists who work exclusively with art on paper and those who use the media on an equal foot¬ing with painting and sculpture, for example. A few are moreover particularly well represented: including the painter and graphic artist Carl Bloch (1834-1890) with just under 80 works, the Corner artist Ole Kielberg (1911-1985) with almost 70 water-colours painted on his many jour-neys, the draughtsman and graphicist Palle Nielsen (1920-2000) with over 50 works, and not least the Lolland-born painter and graphic artist Ingemann Andersen (b. 1929) with almost 100 prints, primarily woodcuts, from both Denmark and Italy.

At the Fuglsang Art Museum one of the exhibition halls (Hall 4) is dedicated to light-sensitive art on paper. In the hall one can therefor see a selection of the museum's art on paper in chan¬ging hangings that relate to topical themes, or to artists exhibited elsewhere in the museum.



J.F Clemens, Socrates. 1786. Photo Ole Akhøj

Lorenz Frølich, Hoder meets the Valkyries, 1845. Photo Hans Petersen  

Ole Kielberg, Bloomsbury Square, 1975. Photo Hans Petersen  

Ingemann Andersen, A Beech Tree on a Winter`s Day. 1982. Photo Ole Akhøj