The shop at The Open-Air Museum

The Forest Manager's House

The beautiful Forest Manager's House, which houses The Open-Air Museum's shop.


At The Open-Air Museum, the shop and ticket sales are now located in Skovridergården (the Forest Manager's House).


In the old Forest Manager's House, it's like taking a step back into the past. Suddenly, you are in an old grocer's shop with original storage jars on the shelves, and paper bags for e.g. soda and sugar hanging from the ceiling. But in the shop, you will also find a wide selection of new and interesting merchandise for sale, and the selection is continually expanded.

Something for every taste

The wide range of goods makes it possible for everybody to return home with a very special memento from their visit to The Open-Air Museum. Among the articles for sale here, many things will be useful in the kitchen, e.g. ceramic bowls, dishes, jugs, aprons, tea towels, honey extractors, baskets, wooden knives and much more.

Wickerwork and toy cars

The shop also has something for children of any age. For instance a variety of old toys, skipping ropes, various games, teddy bears, colouring pencils, jigsaw puzzles, cut-out dolls, vintage die-cuts, lollipops and boiled sweets.


The shop also sells coffee, tea, beer, soft drinks, ice cream and cakes.
We invite you to visit The Open-Air Museum and to enjoy the cosy atmosphere in the shop at the old Forest Manager's House.