From Steam to Diesel

Three large steam engines

Three of the largest steam engines that have participated in the steam rally


Since 2008, Museum Lolland-Falster has held the event 'From Steam to Diesel' at Frilandsmuseet (the Open-Air Museum) in Maribo, where steam engines of all sizes and shapes have whistled and moved about among the old half-timbered houses. Steam enthusiasts from all of Denmark as well as from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands have participated. The exhibitors show everything from small rotating soft drink tins, large stationary engines, incredibly heavy steam engines and model steamboats to vintage cars and motorcycles, model railways, old fire engines, old-fashioned fairgrounds and much more.


Small steam engines

Large and small engines are carefully maintained so that they are in a tip-top condition.
Here is a working steam gramophone from England.

The participants vary from one year to the next, but the rally always offers the chance to experience a wide selection of engines and have a chat with their owners. The event is built around the connection between the exhibitors and the visitors, providing a unique opportunity to meet experts within the field of steam and diesel engines.


Visitors can buy hot dogs, cake, ice cream, coffee, beer and soft drinks at the site. Naturally, people are free to bring their own food and drink, which can be enjoyed at the museum and in the meadow area.

The event always takes place during the weekend after Pentecost, where the amazing big and small engines envelop The Open-Air Museum's old houses in smoke and steam.