New Reventlow School Interior


In connection with the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the introduction of compulsory education, in 2014, Museum Lolland-Falster had the opportunity to renovate and re-furnish Langet School in keeping with C. D. F. Reventlow's stipulations in the school regulations. In parallel to the re-furnishing, a number of the gymnastics appliances, which C. D. F. Reventlow had paid for out of his own pocket to equip the schools, were recreated, making it possible for visitors to pit themselves against the requirements posed on pupils back then.


Today, the residential part of the school is laid out as it was after the extension in 1828. The extension gave Mr Rolfsen - the school's only teacher - a bedroom that was separate from his living room. The extension also made it possible to set up a posh living room with a sofa and pictures on the walls. The teacher was also given a separate entrance to the pupils, who used to have to walk through his entrance hall to get to the large classroom.


The re-furnishing and renovation were facilitated by a grant from Shipowner Carsten Brebøl's Non-profit Foundation in 2014.