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May 2017: The oldest grape seed in Denmark

Find in Bronze Age well provides knowledge about contacts between southern Lolland and the continent

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June 2015: Impression from the past

A 6,000-year-old fingerprint has been found on a beautifully decorated funnel beaker,

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May 2015: Find confirms old theory

Leister prongs and a bone point from the Late Stone Age have been found together, proving that prehistoric eel leisters had a centred point for spearing fish and eel.

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November 2014: Hafted flint axe found by Rødbyhavn

An approx. 5,500-year-old flint axe with a well-preserved haft sheds light on the Stone Age population's ritual acts.

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November 2014: Traces of the past in present light

Unusual find of 5,000-year-old human footprints by the Fehmarn excavations provides an insight into the population's everyday life and challenges.

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October 2014: Outstanding exquisite weapon found by Rødbyhavn

Flint dagger with bark handle from the early Bronze Age found in Denmark for the first time.

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