The first train

The first train on the Fugleflugtslinje.

The first train on the Fugleflugtslinje, which was inaugurated in 1963, whizzes past. Photo: Susanne Nielsen


In connection with the gathering of stories about the houses that are being demolished ahead of the construction of the tunnel across the Fehmarn Belt, Susanne Nielsen talks about the time when the first train ran along the Fugleflugtslinje.


It was a great event, and all of the local schoolchildren were lined up - as were many other people - on the platform in Rødbyhavn to see the very first train on the stretch.  Susanne Nielsen had not yet started school in 1963, and she was disappointed that she was not going to share the experience with the other children. She was therefore chuffed when her mother told her that the train would drive past their home first. They lived at the Rixø farm at Strandholmsvej 6, and a little photo session was prepared behind the barn where the train would run closely by the family's property.


The idea was that the children were to be in the picture of the train, but it raced past at such high speed that this did not work out. Instead, the children were captured in a subsequent photo.


The Rixø family

The train has passed the Rixø farm at Strandholmsvej 6. Susanne Nielsen is the girl at the far left. Photo: Susanne Nielsen


The Rixø family on the ferry deck

This picture is from the family's first trip to Germany on the ferry in 1963. Photo: Susanne Nielsen