Rødby Harbour Smokehouse

Smoker Preben Madsen

Preben Madsen by the smoking oven


Until recently, a smokehouse could be found to the north of the old shipyard's main building on the Rødbyhavn headland. However, the old buildings have now been demolished. It is likely that fish were smoked and sold in the buildings since they were constructed in 1945. Museum Lolland-Falster visited the smokehouse atVestre Kaj(the West Quay) in May 2012.


The last smoker on site, Preben Madsen, told the museum's staff that he would have liked to extend the lease, but that the current owner of the harbour, Lolland Municipality, would not agree to this. The lease expired on 15 May 2012, after which the buildings were demolished.


Preben Madsen used to order fish in. They were arranged and suspended, and the ovens were lit. Then the fish would hang here and be smoked. Once smoked, the fish would need to hang for a few hours before it was ready for eating.


Preben would sell the smoked fish from the shop by the harbour and at markets. He also used to be a regular participant at the Døllefjelde Musse market.


The smokehouse

Preben's smokehouse and fish shop


The smokehouse and the harbour environment

The smokehouse buildings consisted of the actual smokehouse and an extension, which served as a lounge for the smoker. The buildings contributed to the harbour environment, which on one side consists of small fisherman's shacks, a drying ground, space for fishing stakes and a slipway, a small shipyard, engineering workshop and a fish packing facility. The other side features the harbour's industry with e.g. grain and feed silos and oil containers. Finally, a few buildings remain from Rødbyhavn's old shipyard.


On the whole, the industrial harbour retained its functions from the establishment in 1912 through to about 2009, when both the German Reichstag and the Danish Folketing approved the decision to establish a permanent link between Denmark and Germany across the Fehmarn Belt.


Buildings along the harbour

E-ON is constructing a new administration building next to Rødbyhavn Engineering Workshop.


A new harbour environment

Having previously been a traditional harbour environment, Rødbyhavn harbour is now being converted into an administrative environment, which includes the Fehmarn Info Centre. Lolland Municipality purchased the industrial harbour in 2009, and with the subsequent development, the harbour is expected to attract new businesses, which will typically set up administration buildings.


A number of the small buildings that formerly housed minor fishermen and fish shops are currently being removed from Rødbyhavn Harbour.