What are we going to use it for?

Wallpaper in layers

Several layers of wallpaper bear witness to redecoration through the years


On the one hand, we document history, both that which has led us up to today, and that which is taking place right in front of us here and now, in the form of the great changes of the landscape as well as the mental history in the area around Rødbyhavn. We document for the sake of society and future generations, just as we add objects to the museum's collections and accept an obligation to preserve them for posterity - and for future possibilities of research and communication of history.


On the other hand, the large construction work that will be going on for a number of years gives us a unique opportunity to help document and tell history, practically while it is being 'written'. In the process of the ongoing, extensive physical transformation of the area, we can help provide new perspectives to the history about the local area by focusing on the demolition work prior to the construction work. The physical documentation, the building stories and the interviews all add new knowledge about history.