Cultural environment – Fugleflugtslinjen

Carriageway at Rødbyhavn ferry

Fugleflugtslinjen is a crucial cultural environment in both a local and a national perspective..


Cultural environment

In physical planning, a valuable cultural environment is defined as a geographically delimited area, which in its appearance reflects significant traits of societal development. The valuable cultural environments are the responsibility of the municipalities, pursuant to, among others, the Danish Planning Act's Section 11a, subs. 14. This means that the municipalities are responsible for mapping, selecting and safeguarding cultural environment values.


The Fugleflugtslinje culminates in the large ferry facility by Rødbyhavn. Today, this transport corridor is the only one of its kind in Denmark, which gives the infrastructural cultural environment significant and unique national value, adding decisive identity value to the exploration area. The cultural environment is authentic and homogenous, and it has a strong experience value because all building structures in connection with the Fugleflugtslinje, e.g. the bridges across the motorway and the railway, the buildings in connection with the ferry facility and the footbridge between the transport and the industrial harbour, have been built in a consistently functional style that is highly representative of its time.


Ferry calling at the port

The Fugleflugtslinje culminates in the ferry facility in Rødbyhavn. The ferries arrive and depart throughout the day