Cultural environments

Street in Rødbyhavn

Torvegade in Rødbyhavn


Here, you can read about six cultural environments that are particularly worthy of preservation in the area that is affected by the construction of the future Fehmarn Link. The cultural environments are essential and identity-creating for parts of the area's history.


These cultural environments stretch from medieval Rødby and its village core and later urban development over the 19th century's handling of the Baltic Sea Flood with the building of the Sea Flood Dike along the southern coast of Lolland, the subsequent land reclamation and draining of Rødbyfjord to the build-up of the sugar industry and the sugar beet cultivation in the area around Holeby-Tågerup.  And finally, it includes a more controversial cultural environment: the 1960s'Fugleflugtslinje(literally, the 'Bird Flight Line, i.e. the transport corridor between Copenhagen and Hamburg) with its enormous ferry, passenger, train and freight facilities, incl. a motorway that stretches its arms north towards Copenhagen and south towards Germany and Europe.

Rødby Fjord and Lidsø
The Sea Flood Dike
The Sugar industry