Museum Obscurum


Under reconstruction of its old buildings in Færgestrædet the museum in summer 2017 discovered a room nobody knew about until now.


In between the exhibition and the magazine rooms a secret door showed up. This door was locked, and after breaking it open, there was a room filled with old transport boxes and a variety of objects.


After carefully reviewing the boxes it became clear that this was the inheritance of the former owner of the house, a rich collector named S.C. Rödder.


He was a merchant and a passionate collector but lived a very secluded live. His collection consists of unique, but somewhat appalling and at the same time fascinating objects. The question arose:

Can this all be true?


Based on his diaries which covered both, personal notes as well as calculations and photographs, we could now reconstruct Cornelius’ apartment. The objects presented here are described by using his own notes.


Dear visitors,

welcome to Cornelius’

cryptozoological and

mystical world!


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