Special Exhibition

Janne Klerk, Østerfed ud for Bisserup Havn,  2008

Janne Klerk, The Islet of Østerfed. Harbour of Bisserup, 2008



Danish Coastal Landscapes

Observed by Photographer Janne Klerk

19 May – 27 August 2017



Anyone is free to visit and observe the Danish coastline but each visitor will notice something different. Seeing is not merely a passive action but a human ability that can be developed to varying degrees, and in Janne Klerk’s case it underpins all her photographic work.


Janne Klerk has photographed the Danish landscape for many years and for many projects, and more than forty of her photographs focusing on Denmark’s coastal landscapes have been selected for this exhibition: From the wild and open North Sea to the sheltered coasts and fjords – and from wide, uninterrupted views of land and sea to steep slopes such as the coastal cliffs of Møn and Stevns. The photographs include images of heavy winter skies above frosty waters in muted earth tones, and clear autumnal contrasts in blue and golden hues, but there are also gentle scenic fjord landscapes with green grasses and still waters.

The motifs are caught in an instant of time – in the morning light, in the evening mist or at the moment when the clouds drifting across the sky reflect on the water. The life of nature holds special meaning for Janne Klerk, and the photographs convey this being in and with nature, which may help explain the sense of unique presence that they inspire in the viewer – sensed rather than seen. 


There is a huge variety of landscapes along Denmark’s more than 7,000-kilometre-long coastline and, commenting on the large format of many of the pictures, Janne Klerk says:


It is like being out there in person. You can almost step into the picture; feel that you are there yourself – right in the middle of the subject

Press photos may be downloaded here: fuglsangkunstmuseum.dk/presse