Special Exhibition

PS Krøyer, Ved frokosten (Kunstneren, hans hustru og forfatteren Otto Benzon), 1893. Den Hirschsprungske Samling

P.S. Krøyer, Ved frokosten (Kunstneren, hans hustru og forfatteren Otto Benzon), 1893. Den Hirschsprungske Samling, København. Foto: Den Hirschsprungske Samling



At The Table. People, Food & Still Life

27 January – 23 April 2017


The role of the table in visual art

We eat our food seated at it. Put our feet on it. Perhaps we even bang our fists into it. We put a tablecloth on it and lay it nicely. Big decisions are made across it and many earn their living sitting at it. But we do not actually see it. Yet the table is a central element in our everyday life – as it is in visual art where the table is a conspicuous element in portraits, interiors, genre pictures, and still lifes.


The exhibition The Table. People, Food & Nature Morte collocates works not previously shown together from the Golden Age until the present, focusing on human activities centred on the table and the things we put on it. It is not simply about enjoying the pleasures of the table, but also about its significance for e.g. identity and gender, fellowship and family, food culture and good manners.


Among the gems presented at the exhibition are works by Krøyer, Hammershøi, P.C. Skovgaard, Anna and Michael Ancher, Zahrtmann, Harald Slott-Møller, Edvard Weie and Olaf Rude, Niels Strøbek and Jesper Christiansen, Jan de Bray, the Netherlands, Hans Baluschek, Germany, and Odilon Redon, France.

The generous support given by the foundation Nordea-fonden has facilitated a number of activities including the film installation Skammekrogen (The Doghouse) by Mads Damsbo and Johan Knattrup Jensen, welcoming museum visitors to take their place at the table in a sensuous virtual reality while Lilian Bourgeat, France, challenges our views on surroundings and rituals with her installation Gullivers middag (Gulliver’s Dinner) featuring an oversize garden table laid for dinner.


The exhibition is a collaborative project with Skagens Kunstmuseer and will be shown later at Skagens Museum. The two hosting museums will publish a richly illustrated catalogue in conjunction with the university publishing house Aarhus Universitetsforlag in which the museums themselves and external researchers will outline new perspectives on the role of the table in visual art.


Press photos may be downloaded here: fuglsangkunstmuseum.dk/presse