Special Exhibition

P.C. Skovgaard, Parti fra Møns Klint, 1852. Fuglsang Kunstmuseum(foto Ole Akhøj).jpg

P.C. Skovgaard, View of Møns Klint, 1852. Photo: Ole Akhøj



Fuglsang Kunstmuseum - The First 10 Years
Jan 26 - March 11 2018


In 2018, Fuglsang Kunstmuseum will be celebrating its tenth anniversary. During the preceding period, the museum has opened its doors to children, young people, and adults from near and far and provided a wide range of quality experiences. These include critically acclaimed exhibitions, changing hangings of the ever-growing art collection, as well as a plethora of events focusing on both art-related and interdisciplinary elements.


On this special occasion, the museum would like to emphasise its position as an ambitious museum and cultural beacon which, on the strength of new acquisitions and exhibitions, continue to enhance its collection, adding new perspectives to the strong link with its surroundings. For this anniversary year, focus will be on selected new acquisitions from the past ten years and their relation to the museum’s existing art collection. The works, spanning nineteenth-century painters to present-day photographers, were created by both well-known and more obscure artists, who supplement and add new vigour to the collection in their various ways.


The criteria for acquiring new art stipulate that the artists and/or their practices must be of special relevance to the museum collection, its geography, and historical background, including significant periods, related sketches, series, or motifs. In other cases, the new acquisitions expose areas of Danish art history which have hitherto been wholly or partly neglected by both Fuglsang and the rest of the Danish museum world.


The broad range of new works comprising painting, sculpture, art on paper, and photography will occupy the entire museum and will be juxtaposed thematically and chronologically with those parts of the collection that originally led to their acquisition. Moreover, works generously loaned by private people or other museums since the opening will also be shown. Many have not previously been shown, some come directly from the conservation department. Furthermore, gallery 6 will act as an archive featuring posters, publications, photos, and press cuttings from 2008 onwards.


The simple and minimalist hanging in the gallery spaces highlights the award-winning museum architecture designed by the British architect Tony Fretton. The proportions, spaces, materials, and position in harmony with nature – have shown to be very suitable as a setting for all kinds of pictorial art, be it the actual museum collection or the changing exhibitions.


New acquisitions and new loans to the collection carry the vignette ’ny’ (which means 'new').